• Importance of hydration2

    The Untold Story of Hydration in an Active Life

    Importance of Hydration Have you ever considered how your body maintains your fluid balance and keeps you hydrated throughout the day? Today, let’s explore the topic of Hydration and its importance in our Life.With 40 to 62% of body mass, the majority of the human body is made up of water. The body’s ability to […]

  • Heart diseases in women2

    Heart Diseases in Women- The Unnoticed and Silent Killers

    Cardiovascular Diseases: Explaining the Magnitude Along with cancer and diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are non-communicable diseases and refer to a heart- or blood vessel-related illness. They include a number of ailments, such as peripheral artery disease, heart failure, and heart attack, among others.According to studies, these conditions can lead to serious complications and are associated […]

  • the suger story2

    The Sugar Story – Diabetes in Women

    Understanding the Danger of Diabetes Do you have a sweet tooth and enjoy eating cakes and high-calorie treats frequently? Then we have bad news for you: A high fat and sugar intake can increase the risk for developing diabetes. But let’s start our blog from the beginning: What is Diabetes and how does it develop? […]

  • Detox in our life4

    The Importance of Detox in Our Life

    Health Awareness and Detox – New Trends Conquering the Scene Health awareness, the understanding of the importance of one’s own health and wellbeing and the wish to improve the same, is growing and sparking a revolution in the Healthcare field. Health supplements, Nutraceuticals and Multi-Vitamins are booming and becoming a fixed part in our daily […]

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