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Suffering from Stomach ache, bloating or indigestion? – Explore our unique range of Gut Health products for your Wellbeing!

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Understand how your Body works!

We, at Rasha, prioritize Science and Quality in all our products, therefore we offer:
  • Scientifically Proven Ingredients in all our products to guarantee results
  • Expert-backed guidelines on how to use them

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Get ready for the benefits of a Happy Gut!

Probiotics are your gut’s best friend, offering you a range of benefits. They can help with digestion, regulate blood pressure, boost metabolism, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, enhance cognitive function, strengthen the immune system, and even ease allergies.

Discover all the perks of Rasha!

With Rasha, you’re choosing a path to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. We are committed to provide you with top-notch support:

Anti Wrinkle   Tailored for Women:

Rasha is designed specifically for women, addressing the unique needs and aspirations of the modern woman.

Immune Booster   Expert Guidance:

Our team of experts curates the finest products and information to ensure you get the best results on your wellness journey.

Terms And Conditions  Community and Support:

Join a community of like-minded women on their path to better health and style. Share experiences, tips, and inspiration as you make progress together.

Our Brand  Quality Assurance:

Quality is our foremost priority, extending to every facet of our products to the information in our blogs and guidelines. Your well-being is our ultimate focus.

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Welcome to Rasha’s World of Gut Health!

Unlock a vibrant and flourishing life with our well-curated selection of Gut Health products:

Pro-Health Probiotics Powder Melts

Rasha’s Pro-Health Probiotics Powder Melts have been uniquely formulated for women to promote a healthy gut microbiome, alleviate stomach concerns, and support heart health. Every day is an opportunity for a healthier you.
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ColonEase Drink Mix

With the goodness of natural ingredients, including Dandelion, Oat Bran, Chlorella, and Ginger, Rasha’s ColonEase Drink Mix has remarkable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to improve your gut health and overall immunity.

Hey Baby Powder Melts

Rasha has crafted a synbiotic blend of Pre- and Probiotics for all the expectant mothers, to support all your pregnancy requirements. They enhance your gut health, help stabilize sugar levels, and contribute to a healthier pregnancy experience.
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Unique Additions for Your Gut Health

Gut Gold Drink Mix 1,124.00 - or subscribe and save up to 5%
Hey Baby Powder Melts 1,874.00 - or subscribe and save up to 5%
Vaginal Probiotics Powder Melts 1,574.00 - or subscribe and save up to 5%
Pro-Health Probiotics Powder Melts 1,124.00 - or subscribe and save up to 5%

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Ready to start living your healthiest and most stylish life? Join the Rasha community and unlock the power of Gut Health today. Embrace wellness, elevate your style, and become the best version of yourself with Rasha.

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