Probiotics: Why Everyone Needs Them

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Millions of bacteria – most healthy, and a few nasty – live in our body, especially in the gut. The assemblage of all of these bacteria is known as our microbiome. Probiotics are the ‘good’ gut bacteria in our body and they can help us to improve our health – if we take them the right way.

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What’s so good about probiotics?

Probiotics promote good gut health, treat upset stomach and diarrhea, control blood pressure, increase fat metabolism, and lower cholesterol levels. That means – a happier and healthier life!

They can also help you avoid strokes and heart disease, as well as boost your cognitive functioning and immune system, and reduce allergies.

They’re your most loyal sidekick – keep them close to you!

But ladies, how would you know if you got a problem in your gut? Let’s look at 6 common signs – 

  1. Unexplained constipation (In spite of drinking enough water)
  2. Bloating (You feel there’s a balloon in your belly)
  3. Frequent farts (We all hate it)
  4. Bad breath (Changing your toothpaste doesn’t help you)
  5. Dull skin and acne (You’re tired of applying tons of creams)
  6. Indigestion (Your favorite foods don’t make your stomach happy)

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, we’ve got the solution!

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It Starts With -

1. Finding Your Gut-friendly Diet

To improve your body’s microbiome, several health professionals propose a varied diet rich in different food types: Consume ample amounts of veggies, legumes, beans, fruits, and whole grains to feed your good gut bacteria. Fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, and tempeh are also great sources of healthy bacteria. Be careful though, many yogurts, especially the flavored ones, contain substantial quantities of sugar.

2. Scheduling Your Day Right

As probiotics are living organisms, it’s crucial that they survive our digestive system in order to exert their therapeutic benefits.

To ensure a speedy and safe transit, research suggests taking your probiotics with a meal or 30 minutes before a meal. Ideally, probiotics should be taken with 1% fat milk or oatmeal-milk gruel according to studies, since this dietary matrix prevents the probiotics from being digested better than apple juice or water.

But wait, there’s more for you!

Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that serve as food for your friendly gut bacteria. They support your gut health by designing a nice little composition of your microbiome. Many fruits and vegetables naturally contain prebiotics, particularly those high in complex carbs like fiber and resistant starch. 

Take a combination of pre- and probiotics (collectively called symbiotic) to become the queen of good gut health.

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Our bodies are full of bacteria, but most people think they only live in the gut. The truth is that they live almost everywhere, including our mouth, nose, throat, lungs, bladder, and vagina, even on the surface of our skin! Unfortunately, the female urinary tract and the vagina are very sensitive and prone to infections, which means that bad bacteria can easily wander off and infect these delicate areas. This is where probiotics come into play – as in the gut, probiotics fight ‘bad’ bacteria and encourage a balanced microbiome.

Research has shown that probiotics, D-mannose, and cranberry extract work well together to prevent bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract, ward off infections, and decrease itchiness and vaginal discharge.  

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There has been a lot of research on probiotics, with the most recent ones demonstrating their benefits during pregnancy – besides taking care of your gut health, probiotics can also reduce side effects of pregnancy like nausea, vomiting, and constipation and decrease pregnancy-related complications like premature labor and pregnancy-related diabetes.

Additionally, they also enhance your baby’s health.

Rasha Pregnancy Probiotics boost the health and wellness of you and your newborn.

1. Beginner’s Probiotics Routine

(You’re just starting out on your probiotics journey)

  • What  : Rasha Everyday Probiotics
  • When : 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner
  • With   : Milk, Oatmeal Porridge or Gruel

2. Advanced Probiotics Routine

(You want to elevate your probiotics game)

  • What  : Rasha Everyday Probiotics + Rasha Prebiotics Drink Mix
  • When : 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner
  • With   : Milk, Oatmeal Porridge or Gruel

3. Wellness Probiotics Routine

(You want to step up your intimal health)

  • What  : Rasha Women’s Probiotics Powder Melts
  • When : 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner
  • With   : Milk, Oatmeal Porridge or Gruel

4. Probiotics In Pregnancy

(You want a healthy and smooth pregnancy)

  • What  : Rasha Pregnancy Probiotics Powder Melts
  • When : 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner
  • With   : Milk, Oatmeal Porridge or Gruel

Need help getting started? Here’s our printable guide to make your life easier.

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