Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Rasha complies with its obligations under relevant laws and regulations regarding data protection and privacy. It applies to any Personal Information that we process, whether in physical or electronic form. Please note that while our platform (consisting of our website and app) may be accessible from countries outside of India, we do not offer any products or services outside of India. By using or providing your information through our platform, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy and to the laws of India governing data protection and privacy. If you do not agree, please refrain from using our platform.

The terms ‘Personal Information’, ‘Data Subject’, ‘Controller’, ‘Processor’, and ‘Processing’ used in this Privacy Policy hold the same meaning as defined in the applicable privacy laws. As a responsible entity, we place great emphasis on data privacy and are committed to handling your Personal Information with utmost care and transparency.

In this document, the terms “we”, “us”, “our”, and “ours” refer to Rasha. The terms “you” and “your” or “Customer” refer to the individual reading this document.

What is Rasha?

Rasha is a business entity that is registered and incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013. Its registered office is located at Antila Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.08-15 Ground Floor, Devpath, Besides Lal Bungalows,Off. CG Road, Ahmedabad, 380006

 The company’s primary business is to provide a platform for selling, marketing, and retailing healthcare products through e-commerce. This platform is either developed and owned by Rasha, its parent company, or its affiliates. The company may also conduct its business through offline stores and events.

What Role Do We Play?

We assume the role of a Data Controller when collecting and processing your Personal Information. On the other hand, we act as a Data Processor when we gather and handle your Personal Information on behalf of another Data Controller.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and, as such, we regularly assess our practices for handling Personal Information to ensure conformity with relevant privacy laws and regulations.

Personal Information Gathered By Rasha

The personal and other information that we gather from you is used for various purposes, such as registering you on our platform, verifying your identity, allowing you to use our app, facilitating transactions (including processing payments), communicating with you, providing promotional offers, services or updates related to Rasha, and managing your accounts with us. Additionally, we may use this information to personalize your experience and enhance the overall functionality of Rasha.

Information You Give Us

When using Rasha, we collect and store any information you provide us through the app or any other means. If you choose not to provide certain information, it may prevent you from using Rasha. We utilize the information you provide to create your account, process your transactions, respond to your inquiries, and communicate with you.

Information We Collect About You

Whenever you engage with our Services, we receive and retain certain categories of information. This may include the use of “cookies” and the retrieval of specific information when your web browser accesses our Services, similar to many other websites. Furthermore, we may also obtain and store data related to your mobile device and location, including a distinct identifier for your device. We may utilize this data for internal analysis and to offer you location-based services like search results, advertising, and other customized content.

Whenever you interact with us, we receive and store certain types of information. The specific information we collect may vary depending on the jurisdiction from which you access our Platform and the applicable laws in that jurisdiction.

Different types of cookies may be served to you while using our platform, including strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, etc. Please note that if you are an international user accessing our platform, we only collect strictly necessary data for the platform to function properly.

Information from Other Sources

We may obtain information about you from third-party sources, such as our carriers who may provide us with updated delivery and address information. This information is used to improve our records and facilitate your future purchases with greater ease.

Categories of Personal Information

The types of Personal Information that we collect and process include the following categories:

  • Demographic and Identity data
  • Contact details, including your name, email address, phone number, shipping address, country, date of birth, and profile picture
  • Open data and public records, which may include information about you that is publicly available on the internet
  • Transaction details, including the amount of the transaction, the name of your bank, and your card type and number.

In order to fulfill your order, we will need certain personal information, including but not limited to:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email address
  3. Complete delivery address (Shipping Address) & Billing Address
  4. Payment information
  5. Internet Protocol (IP) address

Online Identifiers and other Technical Data

The following categories of Personal Information are collected and processed by us:

  • Demographic and Identity data
  • Contact details, including Name, email address, contact number, shipping address, country, date of birth, and profile picture
  • Open data and public records, such as information about you that is available on the internet
  • Transaction details, including transaction amount, bank name, card type, and card number
  • Location details, including data about your location, IP address, logs, or the location from which you connect a computer to the internet
  • Technical details, including device information, location, and network carrier when you use our mobile applications
  • Communications details, including metadata and other Personal Information obtained from communications via e-mails, SMS, instant messages, and calls
  • Usage data details, including data about how you use our Platform or web-based properties, such as pages viewed.


If you use the Platform or provide us with your information, you are giving us your consent to collect, store, process, transfer, use and share your Personal Information, including any sensitive Personal Information as defined by applicable laws, that you disclose on the Platform with third parties or service providers for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Purposes of Gathering Your Personal Information

We utilize your personal information for the operation, provision, development, and enhancement of our products and services. The objectives encompass:

  • We collect your personal information for processing orders, delivering products and services, managing payments, and keeping you informed about orders, products and services, and promotional offers.
  • We employ your personal information to ensure the proper functioning of Rasha, analyze its performance, resolve any issues, and enhance its usability and effectiveness.
  • We capitalize your personal information to suggest features, products, and services that may pique your interest, determine your preferences, and customize your interaction with Rasha.
  • We utilize your personal information to communicate with you through various channels, such as email, phone, or chat, regarding matters related to Rasha.
  • We use your personal information to show targeted ads for features, products, and services that may be relevant to your interests.


Websites use small text files known as cookies to store data on your computer, while other types of trackers are also employed. Similarly, mobile apps use permissions and Software Development Kits (SDKs) to function efficiently and provide information to the website or app owners. These trackers and permissions are used to enhance website and app performance, as well as provide information to the owners. 

Depending on the jurisdiction and applicable laws, different types of cookies such as strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, etc., may be provided to you when accessing our platform. We use cookies, permissions, and other trackers to collect and process data, in order to improve our services and provide you with a better online experience.


The strictly necessary cookies are essential for the functioning of our website, maintaining security when you are logged in, and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. As a customer, these cookies enable you to log in and manage your accounts, while also ensuring the safety and privacy of your personal information.

Functional cookies are utilized to store your preferences and settings to enhance your experience while using our website. These cookies remember your user ID on the login page, your region or country, your preferred language, and accessibility options such as large font or high contrast pages.


The cookies in this category enable us to track how you and other customers use our website, and we utilize this information to analyze and improve our services and products. You can manage most cookies through your web browser settings, but please keep in mind that disabling the “Strictly Necessary” cookies may result in certain parts of our website becoming inaccessible. 

We utilize additional tracking mechanisms such as Pixel Tags, Log Files, and Clickstream analytics in addition to the ones mentioned above. Some web browsers have a “Do Not Track” feature that allows users to indicate their preference for not having their online activity tracked by websites they visit. However, these features are not yet consistent across all browsers, and our sites are not presently configured to respond to such signals.

Personal Information Disclosure

The Rasha application incorporates third-party software development kits (SDKs) that gather personally identifiable information (PII) for the purpose of enhancing user targeting or facilitating aspects of our products and services. It’s important to note that these third-party sites operate under their own distinct privacy policies.

Our third-party partners are under contractual obligations that limit their use of your Personal Information to the scope permitted by us. They maintain a high level of security and keep your data for the duration specified in our agreements.

Reasons for sharing your Personal Information with third parties:

There are various lawful circumstances under which we may share your Personal Information with others, including:

  • Providing you with products or services you have requested
  • Processing a payment that you initiated
  • Fulfilling our legal obligation, such as assisting with fraud detection and prevention, or complying with regulatory reporting requirements, litigation, or asserting or defending legal rights and interests
  • Having a legitimate business reason to share your information
  • Sending you promotional materials or information about our products and services
  • Obtaining your consent to share your information, and you have agreed to it
  • Enhancing your online experience when using our products.

The following parties may receive your Personal Information for the aforementioned purposes:

  • Other companies within our group, subcontractors, agents, or service providers who work with us or our group companies (including their employees, sub-contractors, service providers, directors, and officers)
  • Law enforcement authorities, government bodies, courts, dispute resolution entities, our regulators, auditors, and any party appointed or requested by our regulators to conduct audits or investigations of our activities
  • Statutory and regulatory bodies and authorities (including the government), investigating agencies, and entities or persons to whom or before whom it is required by law to disclose Personal Information, courts, judicial and quasi-judicial authorities and tribunals, arbitrators, and arbitration tribunals
  • Overseas regulators
  • Anyone else whom you have instructed us to share your Personal Information with.

Cross Border Sharing

The Personal Information we collect about you may be transferred to countries outside of your residential country for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. Please be aware that these countries may have different laws regarding confidentiality and the protection of information, and your information may be subject to disclosure to governmental bodies, regulatory agencies, and private individuals in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including through government or regulatory inquiries, court orders, or similar processes. Additionally, certain countries may have agreements with other countries for the exchange of information for law enforcement, tax, and other purposes.

If we transfer your Personal Information to third parties for purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, we will make every effort to implement appropriate controls and safeguards to ensure that your Personal Information is accurate, adequately protected, and processed only for specified and reasonable purposes in a fair, transparent, and lawful manner. We will also store your information for no longer than it is necessary.

Data Security

Our top priority is to safeguard your Personal Information. We have implemented our best efforts to ensure that appropriate physical, technical, and managerial safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, or deletion of your Personal Information. We use encryption protocols during transmission to protect your personal information’s security. We have deployed multi-layered controls to fortify our infrastructure, constantly monitoring and improving our applications, systems, and processes to meet the evolving security demands and challenges. We ensure that our third-party service providers take appropriate security measures to safeguard your Personal Information, consistent with our policies and contractual agreements.

Data Disposal and Retention

We retain the Personal Information we gather from you on our systems or with third parties for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, as well as for legal or regulatory obligations. Rest assured that we will only use your Personal Information for these specified purposes and will ensure that your Privacy is safeguarded. Additionally, we will take reasonable measures to delete or permanently de-identify any Personal Information that is no longer necessary.

Links to Other Websites

Our Platform may have hyperlinks to websites of other organizations. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to how those organizations process Personal Information. We recommend that you carefully review the privacy policies of any other websites you visit.

Children’s Privacy

Our platform is intended for adult use only. If you are not an adult, you may browse our site, but you should refrain from making a purchase, registering, or providing any Personal Information. We and our associates/affiliates do not knowingly collect information from minors.

Customer’s Rights

We acknowledge your rights over your Personal Information when you engage with Rasha. These rights include the ability to access your Personal Information, correct any inaccuracies, and other similar actions. If you are not content with our response or have any unresolved concerns, you may contact us through to address the issue. We will take reasonable steps to assist you in resolving the matter.

Customer Grievance Redressal Policy

1. Background

At Rasha, we prioritize customer satisfaction as a core principle and an essential aspect of our business practices. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is vital for the growth and success of our business. Therefore, we have established customer centricity as a fundamental element in the development of our business procedures. This Customer Grievance Redressal Policy outlines the framework for addressing customer grievances in order to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our products and services.

2. Objective

The purpose of this Grievance Policy is to establish a framework that ensures timely and effective resolution of customer issues and to inform customers about how they can contact us to resolve their queries and grievances. 

3. Principles

The following principles govern this policy:

  • Fair treatment of customers at all times.
  • Courteous and timely response to issues raised by customers.
  • Timely and satisfactory resolution of customer issues.
  • Provision of information to customers on how to settle their grievances if they are not satisfied with the response to their complaints.

4. Customer Support

Customers can easily reach out to our Customer Support team or representative through telephonic or electronic means using the following methods:

Email our customer service at: for local customers

Call our Customer Service Desk at +917709234509

A ticket number will be provided to the customer’s registered email address for tracking the complaint status. The Customer Service representative may ask for the ticket number from the customer for verification purposes during follow-up calls or emails.

Customers will receive specific numbers for each complaint, which can be used to track the status of their complaints.

During business hours, customers will have access to a customer support facility.

5. Grievance Offer

The following information includes the contact details, name, and position of the Grievance Officer of Rasha. This information is provided in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Information Technology Act 2000 and rules made thereunder, as well as the Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules, 2020:

Email Id:

6. Important Notes

  • Rasha does not engage in solicitation of confidential information such as OTP, CVV, PIN, Card Number, and Bank account details through any means. Additionally, Rasha never contacts its users or customers to offer them discounts, promotions, or free gifts.
  • Fraudsters or scamsters may use techniques like phishing to influence and defraud customers, and Rasha regularly cautions its customers against sharing sensitive information with unknown individuals. Any loss or damage incurred due to such sharing is the sole responsibility of the customer, and Rasha shall not be liable for any financial losses arising from such incidents.
  • Rasha strongly encourages customers to report any such attempts or incidents to their Grievance Officer or Customer Care to enable an investigation and explore legal recourse. However, if customers directly write to the without following the Grievance Redressal communication Procedure mentioned above, Rasha reserves the right to divert their emails to (Grievance Officer’s Mail Id)
  • Furthermore, Rasha relies on payment partners and banks, and in some cases, there may be a delay in resolving payment or refund issues due to factors beyond Rasha’s control. Nonetheless, Rasha endeavors to resolve such issues within the timelines stated in their policy.

Get in touch with us

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding privacy in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, you may contact us at:





Our Privacy Policy is regularly reviewed to ensure its accuracy and relevance. Any modifications to this policy will be published on this page, and we suggest checking back frequently for any updates.

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